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Jeff Tincher
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Hi Chief,
Like Dan, I am also a PFT.I work for Fairfax Co. in Va.I have been doing the CF WOD's for 15 mos. now.What Dan warned about-catching a fire during an intense WOD is very real.I was recovering from a w/o,and got hit out for a fire in a High School.(5 minutes earlier would've been bad).When I train the guys on my shift(on duty),I usually scale the WOD's down for them by either lowering the tonnage,# of rounds,or amount of time.I love competing against myself so I usually go full bore.As the rest of the FF's fitness levels improve-I have begun to turn them loose a little more.They love the sporting aspect of timing or recording their efforts.I pay attention to their form and their level of exertion so they don't tax themselves too much.Off duty they go at it as hard as they can.

I attended a CF cert. seminar last Nov.I highly recommend these seminars.The level of knowledge at a CF seminar is mind boggling-not to mention the CF community rivals our own Brotherhood when it comes to being sincere,welcoming,and genuine.

We do not have a mandatory fitness program like Dan's dept.I have tried to get CF adopted as the Fitness program,but the amount red tape that I have had to go through is crazy.I still haven't given up yet.It is my belief that if the recruits at Basic Training did CF w/o's for their PT-that as they graduated into the Field-they would spread the CF word very quickly.The CF Kool Aid is spreading rapidly through my Department as it is.

Anything I can do to help-please drop me an e-mail.

Dan-I would be very interested in reading your wellness/fitness SOG.

Jeff Tincher
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