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Re: Effort Thrombosis (Paget-Schroetter Syndrome) and Crossfit.

Hi Andrew

I had the exact issue happen to me in March last year (from weight training) and I had unfortunately left the problem for a couple of weeks by which time my arm from shoulder to fingers was swollen. Also went for an ultra sound and the doctor, although he could not pick up any shoulder injury luckily had a bad feeling about it and referred me to a specialist that day. By 2pm that day I was in surgery where they did a thrombolectomy (hope I have the correct spelling and term!) as the subclavian vein was completely occluded from the collar bone to mid bicep. I was very fortunate that they were able to clear a path through and get the blood flowing again.

I have been on blood thinners since then and hopefully will be able to get off them soon.

I have changed my routines from using to weights to body weight but at much higher intensity and I actually feel better than I ever have. I must admit that I do use weights for legs and I also do pull ups. I try to incorporate HIIT and active rest (such as doing burpees between sets) into the structure of my programs.

I have not had good guidance around what I can and can't do so if you have had any further advice please let me know.

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