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Re: OHS critique

Originally Posted by Dare Vodusek View Post
Thanks, but its the actually the one on the right that is done after mobility work on the shoulders, while the left one is just after a minor warmup.

The thing is my OHS is very weak compare to other lifts and I assumed its the mobility thats holding me back. Now I see its not.

It must be the weak stability in the shoulders/scapula. Are there any isolating exercises to improve that or is training OHS twice a week good enough?
I'm not really a coach, so you might get better opinions from others on what would be better to do. My thought would be to perform OHS at least once a week with a pause in the bottom. Another day, so snatch-grip press from behind the neck. Also, look up snatch-grip press from squat position, very hard and very effective!!
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