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Re: OHS critique

Originally Posted by Dare Vodusek View Post
This is a video of two videos combined side by side into one. Sorry for not being in synch but dunno how to do that in coach's eye. Also sorry for poor background music but I had to use something to mask the real audio.

Also sorry for awful video quality, I hope its usable to a point where you can make useful comments. WFS

Couple of points: do you see any difference in form between videos, is one form better than the other? How is the general form, good, bad, great, awful? These are light weights, but close to my 5RM max, maybe a couple of pounds more is doable, but nothing fancy.
There is a slight difference between the 2. IMHO, I think the left is slightly better in terms of keeping your torso more vertical. However, I also think the difference is very minimal. I think the general form is great, so keep it up.
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