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Re: Wrist Pain

The wrist is a complex joint, actually it's a complex of multiple joints. Lots bones, lots of tendons, lots of ligaments...alot of things can get jacked up there. Having said that, more often than not these types of issues are usually not that serious and given a little rest will resolve. I think the advice to wait a few days is good advice. If we all ran off to see the orthopod when we experienced musculoskeltal pain the wait time to get an appointment would be about 2 years Point number 2 is that rushing off to see an orthopod may not be the most appropriate thing either. Orthopedic surgeons are just that, surgeons. Not all joint injuries are surgical cases.

I don't know what the laws are like in Florida, but many states have direct access to physical therapy. If that's the case in FL, then that might be the first logical step for you. If you go to see the orthopod, unless your hand is just barely hanging on by a thread or there are bones sticking out of your wrist, you're not going to get surgery right away. They will likely evaluate you, maybe schedule you for an MRI if there is an obvious pathology and likely send you to therapy for a few weeks and say come back if it doesn't get any better. May be in your best interest to skip straight to the therapist, then if it doesn't get better go to see the orthopod.

Again, I think that the advice to wait a few days and reassess is the best plan and if it's not improving take further action.
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