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Wrist Pain

So I was on my last set, last rep on yesterday's WOD (Push Jerks). I failed on that last rep, and as I went forward to ditch the weight, I felt a large "pop" in my left wrist. The bar went forward, crashed into the cage and I felt kind of silly.

As I was pulling the plates off the bar, I noticed that there was a little pain, but nothing significant. So I went off to finish my workout, which was going to be a few rounds of 500m rows followed up by a minute of jump rope.

The rows were going fine until I reached down to tighten the strap on my left foot. YEOW!!!

I packed up and headed for home, wondering if I should go to the hospital. I seemed to have full movement, just a twinge of pain when I moved it in a certain direction. I got home, went to pull out the dog food to feed the dogs and YEOW!!!

That settled it, I went to the ER. An hour later I was discharged with a splint on my left wrist, a prescription for anti-inflammatory, and a referral to an orthopedic. The x-rays showed no broken bones, but they of course will not show any ligament damage.

I was really bummed, as I've been making great progress in the gym and I really don't want this to slow me down.

Here's a question though - the ER doctor said to wait two days and if I still feel pain to go see the ortho. Should I really wait two days, or just make the appointment so I know what's going on?

FYI - typing with basically one hand isn't easy!!
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