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I think that, as others have said, CF alone will help prepare you for a sprint which is raced at a much faster pace than longer tris.

I would not limit your bike sessions. You spend more time on the bike in a tri than swimming or running so you want to really work on that aspect of your training in my opinion. Form is extremely important in all of the disciplines, but I think that gaining time on your bike is very dependant on form. You need to train in your aero position and get a smooth pedal stroke.

I had adapted my CF and tri training as follows:

Monday - Maximum effort lifts, usually front squat, deadlift and shoulder press.

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - CF metcon workout in the morning, short to medium distance endurance session in the evening

Thursday - CF metcon workout in the morning, short to medium distance endurance session in the evening

Friday - short to medium endurance session

Saturday - long endurance session, usually a brick where I do bike followed by run

Sunday - medium to long endurance session

I mix up my endurance sessions from week to week so that I get two sessions of two disciplines and one session of the third discipline each week. I rotate which discipline gets trained once a week.

If I feel that I need to work on one of my endurance disciplines more I'll either sub an endurance session for a metcon workout or I'll double up on Friday.

Of course you need to ensure you're not overreaching or overtraining and with two workouts a day (CF or endurance) it can be a lot for your body. Make sure you get lots of sleep and eat well.

I really found the Paleo Diet for Athletes to be valuable. The authors talk about fuelling for pre, during and post exercise. You should check it out.

I'm only a couple of weeks into this program so I can't attest to the long term success, but I feel it is going very good so far. A friend who has run numerous Ironmans used a similar training schedule and saw huge improvements in his overall GPP and his race times.

Good Luck.


p.s. If I were running numerous races in the race season I may want to consider adjusting the max effort and metcon days.
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