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Sorry, prematurely hit the post button.

Anyhow, because swimming is a full body exercise, you can end up burning a lot of glycogen and losing a lot of fluids if you're not properly trained and prepared for the swim. I completely agree with Dr. G in that if your weak point is the swim, you should spend about 50% of your tri-specific training getting ready for the swim. Getting out of the water with energy to spare is a much better feeling that the alternative.

As to your question about the distances, I would suggest the following: use the WOD's for your interval, intensity training and extend your distances a little past the distances for the race. This works for me from more of a mental preparation standpoint than anything else.

Eugene's point about doing the bricks is golden advice. You need to be familiar with how your legs react to running after hammering the bike. When starting out doing bricks for the season, I judge my running distances on how long it takes me for my legs and body to finally accept that "ok, I guess we're running now". For me that ends up being about a mile or so into the run. Trust me, your body and legs will adjust, but you're better off knowing when and where that adjustment happens for you before your race than during.

Hope some of that helps.
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