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I'll defer to Eugene for the best advice here.

Now that the WOD is my main exercise, I'll tell you how I would train for a sprint tri. Note that I have completed three sprints and two Olympic distance tris, and I am only competing against myself. I'd rather be the CF-strong sporadic triathlete and improve my times than concern myself with comparing to others. Triathlons are something fun to do for variety, as well as show the real world applicability of CF.

Since I'm a good cyclist, I would do one bike ride a week (it's a very hilly ride on a fixed gear, takes me about an hour total for ~15 miles, I'd ride to the top ~35', do my mile run, take a walk with my mom and wife, then ride home ~26'). That would likely be the extent of my non-WOD biking and running.

I'd try to work in two swim workouts a week, concentrating half the workout on form. The other half would be a mixture of interval and LSD work. I looked at my first triathlon this way--if I can get out of the water, it's all downhill from there (I was that concerned about an 825m swim).

BTW, unless you've got the money to burn, I'd suggest you don't geek out on all the super-slick triathlon gear until you've finished at least one race and you've decided you like it. I sold my tri bike a long time ago, I'll be doing my next one on my fixie (I might even get some clip-on aero bars, who knows?).
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