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However many sessions you are able to perform in a week, I'd make 50% of them swimming, ie. 4 swim/2 bike/2 run; or 3 swim/1 bike/1 run; or even 2 swim/1 bike/1 run. You may dislike swimming, I understand--I was a sprint swimmer, I don't like distance swimming. You need more time in the water. Just because there are three legs of the triathlon doesn't mean your training ratios have to reflect that. Spend the *majority* of the time on your weakness, your strengths will naturally show through.

Relax. You may (obviously) be a hyper-competitive person. It's your first triathlon. It's going to be a PR no matter what you do. Remember that. It's exactly the reason I love when a completely new (to me) WOD comes up. Whatever time I get, it's a PR, and I'm nearly guaranteed to beat it next time.

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