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Doc is right about the swim. If your swim is crap, your race will be crap. Remember that you are moving through the water at 2 or 3 miles an hour at best. All those people that get out of the water before you are going to be on their bikes going 17 to 25 mph and creating a rather gigantic gap on all the crappy swimmers. You lose lots of time in your race with a lousy swim. Check out the Total Immersion swim program and improve your swim stroke. Swimming is ALL about efficiency and TI makes that happen. Get to a TI clinic if you can and/or look for a Masters swim program in your area.

Work on your transitions. I have been beaten out of the water by lots of people that leave in T1 because my transition is better. Being fast in transition is free in that it comes with almost no energy cost.

CF is great training for sprint distance triathlon. You can do a sprint with just a little bit of training because it is so short. Your race will likely be 300 to 600 yards for the swim (maybe 800 but not usually that far) a bike of 13 miles or so and a run of about 3 miles. Transitions are critical in these cases because this is a very fast race format.

So, improve your swimming and learn to get out of your wetsuit in a hurry...assuming it is a wetsuit legal race. Next, make sure you have a bike that fits you. More important than anything else about the bike is that it fit. Learn to get aero - 80% of your energy at 18 mph and faster is spent overcoming wind resistance. Don't give the wind very much to push against.

Do bricks. Every time you ride your bike get off and immediately do a quick run of at least a mile. Teach your legs to run off the bike because under race conditions you will hammer the bike and when you start to run you will feel like your feet are on backwards as running will feel very foreign for a little while.

Keep up your CF workouts because they will help you directly in this race. Do longish workouts of up to an hour or so to get used to hammering for that length of time. You will be at it for 1:15 to an 1:35 minutes depending on how fast you are so you have to be able to really suffer out there on the race course. When you're done, be done...don't leave any of your race on the course.

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