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Re: Glute/hip pain that nobody has been able to diagnose or really help with

would need to examine you, being able to touch toes may eliminate disc herniation, my spine guy in my group has seen a lot of MRIs with facet joint irritation or swelling most likely due to some of the hyperextension maneuvers that we do in the low back like fatigued burpees.
Originally Posted by Collin Thompson View Post
I appreciate you getting back to me. I understand these are all somewhat shots in the dark, but for all the ones you listed, would I experience pain on a day to day? For instance I can bend down and touch my toes, sit in the bottom of an ATG air squat for a couple minutes, etc. Since the initial pain was difficult to determine whether or not it was within the glute musculature or the right "side" of the SI I guess I just expected the injury to be limited to that region, especially since I didn't really have any referred pain. I think the most telling sign is (though I'm not sure what it tells me ) is the left knee to chest stretch hurts the right side around where the initial injury was.

Like I said, about 3 times I've felt 100% and started out very light (bar), then arrived in snap city. I realized overhead presses actually seem to aggravate it: my most recent setback was from doing 1 Arm Overhead Press (left arm) and halfway through feeling my right side just seize up on me.
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