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Glute/hip pain that nobody has been able to diagnose or really help with

I've seen 4 different professionals ranging from MD, PT and chiro for the same injury and gotten no actual answers, not even good guesses. Just blank stares. This hip injury can't be that mysterious! In a nutshell, strained something deep in my glute where it looks like my piriformis might attach, and all my hip flexors slowly locked up on me as well. I kept reaggravating it doing VERY light squats right when I would hit the bottom of the lift (bar-100lbs, was squatting 400+ prior).

What I'm especially frustrated with is, even when I feel 100% I can recreate the pain (it is on my right side) by doing a LEFT knee to chest stretch - I feel a strain deep in my right glute, toward the SI. Air squats, lunges, bridges, you name it I can do it. As soon as I put weight on my back though things go awry. It's a sudden pain, doesn't really radiate, and I slowly feel the musculature around my upper leg/right side of low back lock up. A deep childs pose also can cause a straining feeling. Honestly this can't be as difficult to figure out as the guys I've seen so far are making it out to be, right?!
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