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Re: How often should I be training to stay healthy?

3-4 days a week with perhaps a couple of days where you are active lightly (walk, jog, hike, etc) seem to be pretty doable.

Nobody really needs to train 4 days a week, more like 3 plus a few light active days and generally one where you barely want to do anything (good luck on that, it's not gonna happen if you have kids and you'll probably still need to do some basic stuff like errands probably).

If you are talking about training hours, it'll probably be something like 2-3 sessions of 30-45 minutes and a few sessions of 15-30 minutes possibly more of walking or some other misc activity.

So we are tallking about 3-4 hours of training activity a week, possibly even 2-3.

I mean at some point, you are still going to have to walk here and there around the house and at the store and from your car to inside your work building and back. Outside to dump the garbage and pull some weeds and mow the lawn or rake leaves, etc.

Also, I think a lot of crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts cannot stand the withdrawal you get from not getting the hormones and endorphins released during working out/activity.

If you train hard enough, you'll end up loving a day of doing jack diddly squat. Unless of course you're always spiking preworkout or some other stimulants.
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