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Re: How often should I be training to stay healthy?

Originally Posted by Anders Jensen View Post
I have been training CrossFit for some years now, and will never compete, but just use it to stay healthy. But how often should I train CrossFit to stay healthy? Many CrossFitters are training 6 days on, and one day off, like for example Invicturs fitness/performance programming. But is it healthy just to have one rest day a week? And is it necessary to train so much to stay healthy?
There is no given amount of training that can keep you heathy as everyone is different.

I train 4 days a week mon,tis, thurs,fri and normally 1-1 1/2 hours and I am very rarely sick.

For some people traing this much is a sickness in its self. So you need to work out for yourself what works best without overtraing and causing injury to yourself but as you would put it keeping yourself heathy.
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