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Re: How often should I be training to stay healthy?

It sorta depends on what your definition of health is. For me, healthy is being able to do anything I want within reason and be in shape for it, whether it's pickup basketball, softball, getting talked into doing a 5K race, or 3 hours behind my drum kit. I train around 4 days a week (usually 2 on/1 off), depending on my schedule. I like to make progress without being so sore that I'm uncomfortable all day. I finally have found that in the past 3-4 months. Diet also helps as far as soreness and recovery. I never ate to perform very well until recently. It's made a HUGE difference.

As far as traditional medical health statistics, I want low blood pressure and cholesterol levels and a low resting heart rate. Regular exercise also keeps my stress levels down which keeps me well below my threshold for an Epileptic seizure. I don't train when injured or if I even suspect I'm close to injury. If I feel like I need another rest day or just some more sleep (like today) I do it. That would differ from a lot of people, but I'm 35, I don't compete for the most part and have more to lose in life if I can't go about my daily activities and family life pain free. Depsite all that, I'm in better shape and less discomfort than when I was regularly going to a Crossfit box. I would like to be leaner, but that's a whole different thing for me.

So whatever you feel is healthy and allows you to live your life the way you want, let it dictate your training level. Six days a week would kill
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