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Re: After Ablation of Heart and Cardioversion


Well he was surprised (Dr Simms) when I told him what 'working out' meant to me as he does mainly 60+ year olds.

I maxed out before 285/295 so the 245 wasn't tough but the 275 felt heavy and I was just slow.

Hardest part is still getting a big breath and the constant small coughs.

I squated today and hit 385x3 (was a 3rep max day). Could have maybe gone for 395 (probably not 405 but ive done that 2x) Felt fine except again the holding breath was hard.

No palpatations that I can say of as of yet. I have watched my cardio since that is what has triggered it most. Will start back modified metcons next week and see how it goes (1.5 weeks out now).

Hope it goes well for you with yours!
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