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Re: After Ablation of Heart and Cardioversion

Hey Shawn, I've had two ablations, one last year, the second one this year in May. I know I'm a few decades older than you (I'm 65) but I'm still stunned that you're jerking 245 one week after the procedure. I notice you're a couple hundred miles from Austin, did Dr. Andrea Natale do your procedure? I asked him about lifting weights, he told me not to lift heavy, something about stretching the atria not being good. I walk every day, do push-ups, pull-ups and swings w/ the 16kg KB. If I push it I get palpitations and I'm very tired at the end of the day. I have no other issues or heart disease, just had the afib which they couldn't explain why, just bad luck. You amaze me, great spirit keeping at it. I hear some people after the ablation have no more issues and after a couple of years forget they even had the problem. I hope that's you. Best of luck.
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