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After Ablation of Heart and Cardioversion

So I have A-Fib (irregular heart beat) which is a family genetic defect. Dad has it, grandpa had it, and I have had it since age 26.

A little over a month ago my dr had me wear a monitor because for about 4-5 months my heart was racing and I was tired all the time.

During the 24 hour monitoring process I hit 280 BPM when working out and 315 BPM while driving down the road.

Needless to say he wanted to fix this as quickly as possible and we scheduled a cat scan and setup the date for me to have my procedure done.

Thursday 9/12 I went in and while they were doing the Ablation they noticed my heart went into A-Fib big time and they ended up doing a LOT more of my heart than they had anticipated. They even ended up doing a cardioversion (stopping/restarting of heart).

So fast forward a few days I'm still sore (chest feels like vs a normal softball size heart, i have a soccerball size heart due to inflammation).

I'm slowly walking some, and stretching a little but not able to do mass amounts of anything for a week or two.

Was wondering if anyone else out here has had this done and their time frame they saw from after it and being back to normal.

I am hoping that my HR will be 'normal' and that my cardio levels will be better because I easily hit 200+ after 4-5 mins of anything.
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