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Re: diy wooden squat rack with pull up bar

Originally Posted by Gilles Dhooghe View Post
Hi Christopher,

I didn't consider buying J-cups as I thought (wrongly) they would not be compatible with a DIY squat rack. I'll ask the box where I go for Oly classes twice a month for the contact details of their supplier, CrossGym, and see if they have similar J-cups that would fit, and then add it to their next order to save on shipping.
Just "Chris" is good.

On J-cups -
My home gym rig has two different sizes of hardware from Rogue: the J-cups are from their Monster system and the safety bars are from their Infinity series. The Infinity size pin doesn't have a corresponding standard metal pipe size to fit it. The Monster pin fits perfectly inside a 1" pipe.

So if you buy a J-cup or other accessories, be sure the pin will fit a pipe size you can find. (You may drill a hole in the wood and leave it at that. I was concerned about wood compression, so I wanted to add the pipe for a metal sleeve reinforcement.)

Also, the metal sleeve I used was longer than the 4x4 was thick, so it stuck out in back. I used a hack saw to cut off the excess pipe once it was in place. Otherwise the excess pipe got in the way of the J-cup rotating down into position.
Chris wfs
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