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Re: diy wooden squat rack with pull up bar

Hi Christopher,

I didn't consider buying J-cups as I thought (wrongly) they would not be compatible with a DIY squat rack. I'll ask the box where I go for Oly classes twice a month for the contact details of their supplier, CrossGym, and see if they have similar J-cups that would fit, and then add it to their next order to save on shipping. I already found good 4-by-4's, so the problem of the seam is eliminated.

The reason I extended the pull-up bar is to have sufficient distance from the wall if (!) I ever achieve doing kipping pull-ups. On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being novice and 10 being competitive CF-athlete, how would you rate kipping pull-ups? Just to adapt my expectations on that level, and my designs. I could add diagonal braces in the two corners of the T on top, to transfer the forces on the vertical bars and thus on the other connectors to the wall.

But ... there is a twist in my plans so I might have to redesign.
My GF and her two daughters are very much into gymnastics, and they want stall bars in the garage. I've been looking up the stuff you can do on it Mobility-wise and it's quite amazing, so I like the idea, and I found schematics here.
I would add a metal pull-up bar on top, slightly extended (see question on kipping pull-ups), but I do not want to give up on the squat rack, so I'm looking to combine both.

However, if I were to put J-cups like on a regular squat rack, the dowels would not allow me to get under the bar. I would therefore need more distance between the J-cups and the dowels.

(1) has anyone seen such a combo yet?
(2) how much distance would I need between the bar and the dowels (or a wall for instance) to get comfortably under the bar? (I could back-squat with my back towards the stall bars, or is that a no-no?)
(3) how could I achieve this?

My first thought is to make wooden safety bars say 30cm long (depends on the answer on question 2) with a 1" metal pipe inside the total length that then slides into the vertical 4x4, and with a diagonal brace to eliminate the cantilever force and torque.

I could also make the dowels retractable, and slide them sideways when I want to squat, and slide them back when using the dowels?

But perhaps one of you has a better idea?
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