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Re: diy wooden squat rack with pull up bar

Originally Posted by Cooper Mitchell View Post
This is my opinion, for the cost of the lumber to make the rack, you might as well save up a little and buy a metal rack that will last you till you die, and will be less likely to kill you. I'm all for DIY, but loading up a wooden rack with over 400# or kipping pullups scares me. Especially since you can get a rack for relatively cheap.
The Rogue W-4 has a similar design and costs $565. I would guess the materials for this DIY version would be about 40% that or less. He'll save a significant amount.

Gilles is nowhere close to a 400# squat. The weakest part of this system may be a DIY J-cup. Hmm. Now you've got me curious. I want to do a weight test on my DIY squat system...
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