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Re: diy wooden squat rack with pull up bar

I love DIY gym equipment.

Here are the things I love about your design:
- Triangular supports at the top will reduce wobble in the system.
- Side supports to back wall will really increase the strength.
- A modest number of holes so it's easy to set your J-cups level to each other. (I don't like counting holes when there are a gazillion of them.)

Originally Posted by James Harris View Post
I am not an engineer, but I would suggest using 4x4 posts instead of the doubled up 2x4s for the uprights.

Also I don't like the idea of drilling holes for the j-hooks right on the seam of the two 2x4. Over time I can see the j-hooks acting as a wedge causing the 2x4s to split apart. This issue would be eliminated with a 4x4 post.
I second this. Do not put your load-bearing holes on a seam.

Also, a pull-up bar should have 1 and 1/4" outer diameter. I used a 1" black galvanized pipe from Home Depot, and it has a 1 and 1/4" outer diameter. It's ever so slightly larger than a barbell diameter. I think 3/4" would feel too small in your hands.

Your pull-up bar doesn't have to be extended forward of the vertical support. This creates a cantilever force (the weight of hanging on the pull-up bar will want to lift the top attachment up off the wall). If you put the pull-up bar right through the vertical support it will be stronger.

I built a DIY squat rack / pull-up system for my home gym. Because of the wife and kids I wanted more than one pull-up station, though I couldn't figure out a way to do more than one squat station due to the space I had.

Click image for larger version

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The 4x4s are anchored top (into ceiling joists) and bottom (into concrete). I used these U-brackets from Home Depot to anchor the bottom (wfs).

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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I bought J-cups and safety bars from Rogue. The video Clint posted is pretty awesome. I didn't consider a DIY J-cup, though that looks like a good option.

The size I bought from Rogue is from their Monster series. They come with flat plastic inside. I removed the inside plastic and they are the perfect size to fit around the 4x4. The holes I drilled in the 4X4 are reinforced with a 1" pipe. The Monster pin is 31/32" and fits beautifully inside the pipe.
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