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diy wooden squat rack with pull up bar


Ive been making designs for a squat rack with pull up bar. Not a full power cage, so no spotter bars inside, because I want to use up as little floor space of garage as possible.
Its quite simple in its design, I hope the pictures speak for themselves. The beams are all 5cm x 10cm (2x4). The bar will be at least 235cm (7 ft. 8 ) from floor (I could add a couple of inches vertically to have the bar at 8 feet, depends on the length of the beams I'll buy) and 65cm (26) from wall. Im 183 cm (6 ft.) tall.

I also plan on making my own J-hooks. Ill drill 16mm holes in the beams every 8cm at 134, 142, 150 and 158cm. The J-hooks are made of 4 pieces of 14cm x 5cm x 10cm (5,5 x 2 x 4) with a 16mm hole, but off-center.
Two pieces will have the hole 1cm off center, resulting in 6cm and 8cm from middle of hole to edge (red one). The two other pieces will have the hole 3cm off center, resulting in 4cm and 10cm from middle of hole to edge (blue one).
The top and bottom are slighty skewed (1cm) to allow the bar to rest on het J-hooks without rolling off.
A 16cm bolt will hold the J-hook to the rack (I dont imagine changing the height that often as Im the main user), and a piece of scrap plywood will prevent the J-hook from turning.

By doing so, I can have 2cm intervals on my J-hooks with only 8cm between the holes, ranging from 138cm to 168cm. (I could add a hole at 126cm from floor, so I can have J-hooks from 130cm up.) Say I want the bar at 156cm from floor, then I put the 6cm-8cm J-hook with the 6cm side on top in the 150cm hole. If I want 160cm from floor, same hole, but with the 4cm-10cm on it with the 10cm side up. Hope it makes sense.

Now, my questions to you :
1. Do you think it is trong enough? For pull-ups, I weigh 80 kgs, but am far from doing kipping pullups. For squats, I hope to reach 120kg (264 lbs) back squat and 80kg (176 lbs) front squat, but am far from there too
2. Do you have suggestions for improvements?

Thanks a lot,
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