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Re: Rich Froning

Originally Posted by Andrew N. Casey View Post
obviously training, genetics, diet all matter a great deal. being young so he can recover quickly helps too. but i wonder if there are other, non training, external factors that might also play a huge part. life factors, if you will. it seems to me that Rich might be less distracted by other outside factors. many of the competitors are are running a business, coaching, traveling to do certs, making commercials, writing articles, etc. plus many of them are married and maybe even have kids. not that any of those are bad. but it doesn't seem the Rich does as much of that as alot of other people (i know he does some of it). but maybe it allows him to be for single minded and have to adjust his routine less. add to that the fact that he is surrounded by other young motivated athletes at his job that can push him and encourage him. i don't know... just a thought
He may not run an affiliate, have a wifey or kids, but collegiate level strength and conditioning coaches put in A LOT of hours.
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