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Glen Becks $9 online university 9 classes

Help wanted.

Classmates wanted and needed for Glen Becks, Beck U.

Fox News Edutainer Glen Beck has created his online university called Beck U.
(links below)

$6-$9 a month for 3 months July, Aug and Sept, 9 classes once a week on Wednesdays.
If you miss the class its available for the week until the following episode.

Topics Faith: given by David Barton a Historian
Hope: Given by David Buckner of Columbia U.
Charity: Unsure who is giving this, a constitution expert.

Classes started just last night July 7th

For 30 bucks in the " Insider Extreme" club these lessons can be attended online.
Now I'd like them recorded for later enjoyment, I'd love for them to be available in the future and on my hard drive for my own reviewing.

Glen Beck, i really like the guy so I'm writing this to serve me 2 fold. To share my enjoyment, and to try and capture this in a re viewable, savable format. I seek your help if you have it to offer. I'm willing to set up a forum where it can be talked about in the future in the event its a great course, and if i get inspired, some youtube videos. I think it will be fun based on my enjoyment of his show. If he likes the presenters then it may be a peek into who and where, and how he became who he is.

Anyone able and interested in this idea?

I'm going to post this at a few other sites to see if i can get at least 5 or 10 people into the idea so that I'll have people to talk to about it. If Adam Sandler only had a online college i could get some of these cold hearted women i meet on to smile a little when i tell them I'm not working : )

If you participate get what ever screen capture software you can so we can make an attempt at getting good resources to refer to in discussion.