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Re: New to Wendler and some questions

Originally Posted by Blair Robert Lowe View Post
What weight do you use?

I've been trying to use a 60 for them and it can be awkward sometimes. I've read as the DB get heavier that it gets that way. Honestly, I've nearly read much about loading single leg deadlifts.
Last deadlift work out was 95 for 7 reps then 85,80,75 (the last three all for 10 reps). I have been dropping down a set from 5 to 4 when doing unilateral stuff, just to reduce the overall time in the gym. I also like descending the weight on the assistance work in general as it seems it lets me move more total weight than picking a weight i can hit for 5 sets of 10.

It definitely took a while to get the balance down. I found that placing the weight in the opposite hand of the support leg helped me a lot. I started with a 55lb dumbbell, and once i got the balance down i started bumping the weight up in 5lb increments every time i hit 4 sets of 10.

Hope that helps.
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