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Re: New to Wendler and some questions

Originally Posted by Ross Barrett View Post
Hi guys,

ive been following the cffb programming and have noticed some good gains on back squat, bench and press but seem to struggle on dealift. I did get to a 5rm of 140kg but recently i have reset a couple of times to try and pass this, at present my 5rm is 130kg. The reason for this post is with the 5-3-1 programme you mention assistance work, im wondering what assistance work you complete for deads? Also is there a wendler excel spreadsheet anyone has including assistance available? or does anyone have one?

cheers (wfs)
Put in your stats if you want, or just click over to the my 531 tab and scroll down. It has all Wendler's assistance programs. Look at the DL day for each option and see what suits you.
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