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Re: Ok, whats going on here?

Originally Posted by Russell D Wells View Post
Before I started the protein/creatine, I weighed 162, with a BF% of 17%. I am 6' tall, so I was "Skinny". I have gotten up to 170, so I was doing pretty good. Anyway, I ran out of protein last week, and have not gone to buy new yet. I figured that I would take a break for a week, except for amino acids. I am also still taking a multivitamin. I have continued my WOD Routine this week. This morning, I got on the scale, and I was 159#'s, and my BF% was 14%.
There are a few things that can affect your weight on a day to day basis eg. hydration levels, glycogen stores, stomach content etc. You also need to take into account that most domestic scales aren't really all that accurate and will often give two consecutive readings with the same subject that vary by as much as 1-2 lbs. So although an 11 lb difference is at the upper end of what you might expect to see at a weekly weigh in it's not something you should worry about because the one thing you can be certain of is that you haven't lost 11 lb of fat and/or muscle in just one week.
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