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Re: Good time for Hero WOD JT?

Originally Posted by Lex Ozias View Post
No offence taken. After watching the video I could see some of my reps were effy. I did this in my apartment weight room and not at my box so if I was there my coaches would have told me.
I also like what spealer says about intensity vs perfect reps. Sometimes in practice your reps don't have to be "perfect" as long as your intensity is high. But of course if you always do bad reps then you will get used to it that way. I feel like u need to find that line. And for the open/regionals ill be damn sure to practice perfect reps

I also think these are hard movements to judge on your own because while doing the workout I thought I was fully locked out on the ring dips but as you can see some are not. Thanks for the critique tho I might do it again this week and see how it goes!
I'd say you are a lucky man to have an apartment weight room with free weights and a squat rack! They are very hard movements to judge on your own. They are even tough to judge in competitions, especially ring dips (both depth and lockout).

Although, like I said before, the ring dips and hspu's weren't that big of a deal and would be an easy fix. It looked like fixing the push-up depth would be the only thing that would really effect the workout time.
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