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Re: 24" vertical poles on a DIY pull up bar?

24" from the cieling could get a little sketchy at the flanges when you start doing a big kip. My suggestions would be two-fold.

One - shorten the vertical sections down to 12". This will actually allow you more clearance if you plan to hang rings from the bar and you can just put a box underneath if you have to for pull-ups. However, this doesn't give you a ton of head room for chest-to-bar pull-ups.

Two - Set up the rig as you describe but put it about 36"-48" from the wall and extend two more lengths of pipe from the ends to the wall and secure with two additional flanges. That will give you all the lateral support you need for kipping. If you do it right, you can almost have 3 pull-up stations this way.

Might I also suggest setting up a second rig as you describe, but with very short verticals, the shortest threaded pipe stubs they make even, for hanging rings. That will allow the maximum ground to overhead clearance if you ever want to do muscle-ups or any inverted maneuvers on the rings.
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