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24" vertical poles on a DIY pull up bar?

Howdy all, first post and all that...

I'm putting together a pull up bar for my garage with a high ceiling and no exposed rafters. I'm using the design many others have.

2x6 attached to the rafters, 3/4" black pipe, two floor flanges attached to the 2x6, and a 48" pull up bar.

Now that I've picked up everything, I've developed a concern after reading some more posts. To get the bar just within my reach from the ceiling (I'm 6'1"), I'm using two 24" 3/4" vertical pipes. Alot of other designs I've seen are using around ONE foot, not two.

I see a fair amount of kipping in my future and I'm concerned about horizontal swinging with this long of vertical poles.

Has anybody else used this long of vertical poles? What has been your experience? I'm scared to death it's going to give enough play that I'll rip the board out of the ceiling or, even moreso, the flanges out of the board.

Speaking of which, give me some thoughts on the screws I'm using.

They're all wood screws. 6 #12 4" to attach the board to the rafters and I've got 8 #14 1-3/4" screws for the flanges to attach to the board (4 in each flange). ALL WOOD SCREWS. The kind with the first little bit near the head smooth.

I keep reading where everyone is talking LAG screws instead. Should I have got with these instead of wood screws? Would that be more secure? Are my lengths correct or should I get lag screws and go all the way through the board at the flanges?

I haven't gone up and found my rafters with the stud finder yet, but it's a fair bet they won't be spaced exactly at 48", otherwise I would put the flanges at the same point as the rafters and go all the way up into them in addition to the 2x6.



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