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I always learn a lot from these types of discussions. I have only been exposed to the stereotypical muscle wasted vegetarian. I think it's important to hear Michael's views as a vegetarian athlete. I also believe it makes us carnivores justify our choices, when faced with pretty solid moral arguments against the meat industry. If we left out the low blows, I don't think Lynne would have ever jumped in...she's just doing her job. This thread has made me think about my choices. I don't eat all free range meat, that's about to change. I knew the health benefits, I didn't eat free range because of the range meat supports more ethical farming practices, small price to pay. I still believe vegetarianism is inherently unhealthy and performance draining and should not be encouraged as a nutritional plan, but if someone is convinced eating meat is wrong (or can't eat meat due to religious reasons), they should have decent alternatives, Michael seems to be offering just that.
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