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Re: Is this stupid?

Originally Posted by Tim Alford View Post
My question is: Would it be beneficial or detrimental to do a Crossfit workout (metcon only) Monday's and Wednesday's and then my "bodybuilding" program on Tues/Thurs? Saturday's I typically just run 3 or 4 miles. Would these compliment each other in a good way? Or will I erase any positive gains with all the cardio?

Lastly, before you ask, I'm 6'0" 190 lbs. 27 years old and looking to get around 195 but with some functional strength.
First of all in general "not stupid". You are light for you height if you want to be a strength athlete and generally not skinny. So a mass building program seems reasonable. Before you worry about met-cons and recovery make sure you are eating a lot and sleeping a lot.

The programming of the met-cons will also have a lot to do with it. As painful as a full speed Fran is it really isn't that hard on your system. As length, reps and weight go up it takes longer to recover. Stick to shorter met-cons with medium to light weights, not too many reps of 1 movement and you should be fine.
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