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Is this stupid?

Hey guys, I've recently (almost 9 months, I believe) backed away from Crossfit and went to a more traditional bodybuilding type program. I've seen some good results (aesthetically) but my engine is completely gone. Recently at my globo the gym owner (a Regionals level competitor) is starting a morning Crossfit class and asked me to participate.

My question is: Would it be beneficial or detrimental to do a Crossfit workout (metcon only) Monday's and Wednesday's and then my "bodybuilding" program on Tues/Thurs? Saturday's I typically just run 3 or 4 miles. Would these compliment each other in a good way? Or will I erase any positive gains with all the cardio?

Lastly, before you ask, I'm 6'0" 190 lbs. 27 years old and looking to get around 195 but with some functional strength.

Thanks for any feedback!
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