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Re: What does EMOM develop?

It depends on what you do. There are a couple of different ways that people do this:

1) EMOM do the same number of reps as the number of minutes. This is usually referred to as a 'death by ____'. So, on the first minute, you do one rep, on the second you do 2 reps, etc.

2) EMOM do a prescribed number of reps.

Both versions allow for a lot of work to be accumulated quickly, and for the workout to not take forever and ever. If you are ever in a rush for time, it's a great way to get things done. They both allow for a lot of practice of the specified movements as well.

In the death by case, you stress your body's ability to recover so that you can handle greater workloads with less rest. As the number of reps increase, there will be less time to rest. I used to use this for training my wrestlers so that they would get used to the short breaks throughout their freestyle matches.

In the set reps case, you can set it up to practice movements (like doing Oly lifting, but not at maximal loads), or again to just accumulate volume. An easy way to build up volume for bodyweight exercises like pull ups/chin ups, push ups, muscle ups, etc. is to do 20 minutes with every minute on the minute doing a few reps. If you were to do 5 pull ups every minute, you would accumulate 100 reps over the course of the 20 minutes.
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