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Re: Mainsite Programing

Originally Posted by Jeremy Schultz View Post
I know I'm screwing this quote up, but I remember something about either Pendlay or Rippetoe bashing Crossfit, by stating that that Crossfit is "exercising" but not "training".

When it comes to Main Site programming, this is absolutely the case. People have speculated for years as to whether or not the Main Site programmers actually think about the programming from day-to-day, or just pick a WOD out of a hat. John Maquire's examples help to prove that it's just totally random and that there isn't any thought put into it.

I love Crossfit's main ideals and what it's done for fitness, but I don't think that the Main Site is really helping anyone reach a "goal" - all it does is help regular people get in decent shape and feel better about themselves.

I know that this has been mentioned many times, but NONE of the "elite" Crossfitters that have divulged their workout routines do a completely randomized, goal-less training routine - like the Main Site is.
Considering I do not personally see the main site programmers select their workouts, I suppose there is a possibility that they are mindless oafs who throw stuff in a hat and call it exercise. But common sense would say that is not true.

And as far as not helping anyone reach a "goal," that is also a pretty bold statement. It may not be the best avenue if you want to get huge powerlifting numbers, or a elite marathon time. But if you simply read through the comments section you will see plenty of people achieving goals, pr's, and consistent impressive numbers.
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