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Re: Reebok only apparel at Crossfit Games?

Slowly losing respect for the games/HQ when things like this keep happening.

Stuff like this happens in pretty much NO other sport.

Powerlifting has rules as to what can be used and they usually entail details on specs/measurements, sometimes for some things they have only certain approved logos (example logos on belts) but to limit what your competitors can wear and make it so they have to use ONLY X shoe I think is pretty low.

Like someone else has said my feet aren't the same as so and so's feet and so on and so forth. That's part of why there are so many brands. I personally don't like the xfit lifter shoes, and found the adidas to narrow so i'm in Nikes.

I just feel that by making a bunch of pieces of equipment "illegal" you could very well be handicapping some athletes.

Saying oh well they get all the stuff they need for free from RBK is a lame point, in that if you give someone something for free but it totally doesn't jive with their form or whatever and renders their performance lower than usual.
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