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Why do you like Krav Maga?

I've read on this forum and a couple other message boards questions about systems to study for military or police combatives, and also heard from people in real life the same answer. A guy asks what system he should invest in to learn martial arts and combatives for military or otherwise, and there is at least one person who answers with Krav Maga. One of the regulars on another forum is a die-hard Krav Maga fan, who is constantly posting links of supposed Krav Maga training vids on youtube. I've asked him this question, and thus far have not received a straight answer.

I'm a 12 year veteran of the Army and the Army National Guard, and I've been training in various martial arts and systems for the past 8 years. My background is primarily Traditional Korean Hapkido, Inosanto-Lacoste Kali, and Hock Hocheim's Close Quarter Combatives, as well as level one of the Army Combatives Program.

My question is this: For those of you who practice Krav Maga (KM) regularly, and take classes, and are also quick to recommend it to others, why is it that you do so? Why do you like it, and why do you feel others should take up KM? If there was a KM class in my area I would probably go check it out, but there is not. I'm not even sure there is a KM class in the state of Michigan.

To be fair, I'll answer my own question in regards to the systems and arts that I pursue. I initially started Filipino Martial Arts simply out of the coolness factor of training with weapons, including knives. Since then, I've developed my skill level in Kali to the point where I have employed techniques in fights and also when subduing and detaining possible bad guys overseas. Kali combines with Hocheim's CQC almost effortlessly, and allows me to be creative in my training without becoming regimented, and solve problems as I encounter them. I also have the training and experience to use my pocket-knife for more than opening MREs now, thanks to Kali and Close Quarter Combatives. For being in the military especially, CQC strips away a lot of what I consider to be non-essential in a fight, and gets straight to the meat and potatoes of fighting. That is what I like about the systems that I pursue, and the benefit I get out of them.

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