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What you have written and what John has links to, is something I used for short term preparation last summer. I know of several CrossFit Athletes that are still following this approach with success. Personally, I noticed that my jerk became a limiting factor in my progress on this proposal.

The ME (max effort) BLACK BOX article has you placing a ME day between two CrossFit workouts followed by rest or restoration day. This gives more focus on the ME work than when you follow or lead with CrossFit training. You need to also rotate the movements in the three categories of total, lower, and upper body.

I found this while reading something from the great strength coach Louie Simmons. I thought it was very appropriate for CrossFit athletes and this ME Black Box.

Ben Tabachnik, Soviet Speed Strength Expert, said, “To never adapt to training is to adapt to training.”

I look forward to hearing about your experience.
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