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Ross Hunt
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I max my clean-and-jerk and snatch six days from now. After I have defied the Friday the 13th superstition and shattered some old PRs, I'll be ready for a new training program for the summer. Coach Rutherford's ME Black Box program in this month's Performance Menu really captivated me.

My plan is to do 8x1 Clean-and-jerk before the CrossFit circuit on the first day of the 3 days on, one day off cycle, 5x2 Snatch on the second day (before whatever ME workout Coach Rutherford's program as written has me doing), and no Olympic lifting on the third day or the rest day. I will begin the lifts at 70%, increase intensity by 5% every other workout to reach 85% at the end of Coach Rutherford's cycle. Since I focused on the back squat during this last cycle, my clean pull is strong, and my shoulders are weak, I figured I would select the following Max Effort lifts for my first cycle:

Front Squat, Snatch Pull, Standing Press and Weighted Chin-up.

How does this sound?
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