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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Tuesday- shoulder rehab 15 min.. rowing, burpee broad jump.. group stretching.

EMOM 15 power cleans- 45-235# started to lose form. Happy with this. Good form is key.

Warm up the dubs, snatch and burpees.

3 rft
50 dubs
12 burpees
5 power snatches 165...

The only thing that I would have done different was get more 165 reps warm up.. the first 3 were shaky at best. But then the others were good form. This caused me to pace the burpees and take a few seconds pause prior to the snatches.

R1- 2:05
R2- 2:05
R3- 1:50's ish.. did the last 5 snatches in :30 happy with that. Total time
6:03 RX +

Cooled down. Enjoyed the workout afterwards. Mingling with the troops afterwards. That is what this is all about connecting with others.

Later session at Global gym- secret stuff.. lats, chest, 1 legged deads.. extra stuff..
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