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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Friday- super hot day. Shoulder rehab 30 min.

Run 1 mile- medium effort 6:38. Happy to do that with all of the non serious running I have done lately with the foot injury.

rest 2 min.
OHS 95#
Bar facing burps

Rest 2 min.
60 alternating lunges 95# allowed to stop 1 time. Rest of time 10 burp penalty.

Took about 21 min.. miss counted on the burpees only did 56. So really no time.

OHS is a serious slow going thing.. the shoulder is very vulnerable in this setting. Makes me tired doing them more than usual.

Saturday was support the team at the comp then a Marine Corps reunion in Oceanside. Have not seen these guys in 25+ years. Was good to see them.

Sunday morning was an AA meeting- great topic. Good to connect with like minded individuals.

Sunday was a bunch of rehab while watching the games. Part of me was fired up for next year and the other part just got some ice cream.

Sunday evening. Went to see 10,000 maniacs. They area 80-90's band. What a cool show. Natalie Merchant left them in the mid 90's to do her thing but glad that they replaced her. Folk, funk.. great show.
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