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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Monday- warm up hams and shoulders.. shoulder rehab.

Went to my old gym- Working with my buddy for the World Police and Firegames championships.

Worked on C&J- was a good day- 45-245 all pretty easy.. the clean would have been the lacking part. Have not clean and jerked anything over 225 lately.

7 min
4 t2b
4 dl 225#
8 t2b
8 dl
12,12,16,16,20,20 and so on.

I was just in cruise mode.. about 85% just made sure I had fun with it. Did a little dancing and stayed low key. Did 126 reps.. I believe 140 would be a good score.

Session 2- Dark Side..
More shoulder rehab, warm up with the class and back squat-
3 reps- 45,135,185,235,285,305.. was heavy.. lower back and posterior was taxed from the 70 dl with 225# earlier.. so I did not push it much.

for time-
Wall balls- 20# all un broken
T2b- broke into sets starting with the 20 round
Kb swings- Revenge of the Sith kb - 54#- un broken

8:10 or so.. had fun..

I do like training with other people in different gyms. Sure CrossFit Dark Side is the bomb but one must venture out.

Went out to din din for a steak.

Happy with the training.. next day just a little soreness.

Plenty of serenity prayer going.. made for a fun Monday.
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