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Possible to do Crossfit+Starting Strength?

I'm reading SS and I've skimmed through the book and see that eventually they give a program to follow. So I'm 20/m/6'1/160 14%BF. I made a goal a few days ago to be 160 but of LBM and around 10% body fat making me 170 which I think would be ideal. I feel great now but last night someone made a comment that I look how I did in the wedding last summer ( I was looking like mr. bones for experimenting with a pure vegan diet. never again!even though i've been eating like 2x's my fat block/ protein block). So I alter my goal to be 170 of LBM and 10-12% BF.. It seems Starting strength will give me this. I'm currently on a 5-5-3-5-3 block.even though 'supposebly' I should be on a 17 block. Now is it possible to do crossfit and starting strength?? Mentally I say I can do it but I don't know if that'll be overtraining or if I should get off the crossfit drug and do SS for a while. Anyone knows how long it will take to do the above goal. 1 year enough time.
Well let me go order the squat rack from sams club which seems the cheapest I can find besides the home made one...
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