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Larry Lindenman
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Jeff, I'm 44 years old. I am in better shape than most of my peers and people always estimate that I'm younger. Could be that I don't have a beer gut and jowls, could be I could actually run and lift stuff. Regardless, I am in better all around shape now then I've ever been and I wasn't ever a couch potato (well about 4 years I went through a powerlifting stage and ate whatever I wanted, started to look like a powerlifter too). When I was a gymnast my strength to weight ratio was better, but my cardio conditioning sucked. When I did a triathlon, my strength and power were way down (weighted 155, I now weigh 200), but my steady state cardio kicked butt. Now, I feel I could do anything. I think when you get older you need to concentrate on the fine tune things a little more: flexibility, NUTRITION, rest, warm-up. But I plan on working out this way the rest of my life. I don't see myself wearing down, actually the opposite. I would like to compete in Master's Weightlifting competition's and indoor rowing competition's. So, I don't agree, as long as your gradually ramping up, your body could handle a lot of overload.
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