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Re: Always getting injured by deadlifting

Just to throw in another angle... why deadlift?

I know I know. Deadlifts are king.. blah blah. To be honest, in all my years training I've started to just not care about deadlifting. I've done 455x5 and 500 as a single. I'm pretty decent at deadlifting myself. I just see time and time again if people get injured out of all the barbell movements it's usually deadlifts. Not only is it the potential for injury (the story often goes: this one time I was working out and pop! No warning whatsoever) but once you get over 400ish pounds a heavy CNS fog descends on you for a few days to a week. I just don't care anymore. I'm not a powerlifter and really they don't actually make you better at much else. The only thing they improve is... deadlifts. But you can improve your deadlift easily with squats, good mornings, rdls, olympic pulls and full lifts.

If you like deadlifting then absolutely keep on keeping on. I just recently decided for myself I won't bother anymore with heavy deads because... why?

Just giving you something to think about. Movements are just that, movements. We're not married to them. So if they're an issue there's definitely alternate options.
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