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Re: CrossFit Games GM on Garard Suspension

Originally Posted by Christopher Morris View Post
Should we go through all the speculation on drug use again? If someone's build looks a certain way, they must be using PEDs? There are ways to use and not get caught? No one can perform and recover like that without PEDs?

I don't think there can be definitive answers unless a test comes back positive. Otherwise, look at what these players are saying. They are consistent with what a reasonable person would say in their situation. Garard sounds like a person that got caught using, and he knows he made a choice outside the rules. Vellner sounds like a what a person not using would sound like.

Beyond that is speculation.
No speculation anymore or has ever been. We all know it's there no matter what the sport, to horses to dogs you name it.

All they can do is increase the testing and hopefully catch more of them.
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