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Re: Are there HEAVY WEIGHT women out there??

I love this thread. Thanks for posting. I'm a heavyweight girl, 232 lbs at roughly 5'9". Like you, I have an easier time with pure strength stuff than anything else. Been CrossFitting almost 2 years, twice a week at a box and usually twice a week on my own but following the box's (awesome) programming. Squat 225, DL 295, Press 105, C & J 135, Snatch 95, FS 170. I have been making steady progress with the lifts but not as much as I could if I could make it to the box more often, especially in terms of the Olympic lifts. More coaching would help.

I think I'm most surprised by some of the things I've been able to do that I never predicted would be possible for me. A couple of weeks ago I got a 25" box jump. At 232 lbs. For someone who has never, ever trusted her physical abilities, this was a huge breakthrough. Last summer I ran 400m in 1:44. I couldn't do that in high school. When I first started CF I did 50 burpees in 6:18. Now it's about 4:30. I did the Open WOD with 150 Wall Balls and managed to get 145 in 12 minutes. I had wanted all 150, but when I look back to the first time I did Karen, I used a 12# ball and pretty much counted as a rep any time the ball left my hands and still was 2 minutes slower.

I would like to be lighter, mostly so I can finally get a pullup, which would be the thrill of a lifetime. I have only lost about 10 lbs net since starting CF, but I've lost over 6 inches from my waist and 7 from my hips. I look and feel better than I ever have in my life, even when I was much, much lighter. I continue to improve my body composition slowly and steadily. I have managed to drop fat faster but I always get run down and sick if I try to push too hard so I've learned to chase performance and eat for recovery and to accept the slower pace of fat loss.

I love my box and the whole community. They've changed what I believe about myself and how I handle all the challenges that come up.
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