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My old sprint workout went 100-200-400-800. 3 or 4 cycles. Sometimes adding the 3 or 600 in there.
Generally all out spring and walk/jog half the distance. My old track field also has an uphill and downhill rise where the seats are besides the stairs.
Since I'm solo, I generally only do pulls or pushes at the gym. Push a big block standing up high or pull a block down the runway. There is some drag since it is dragged on the bottom. I generally rig up a harness to the block. Occasionally, I'll pull kids down for resistance.

Before hand, warmup usually consists of high knees, kick butts, starts, one foot hops, bounding and deer runs.

I ran a variety of from 100-2mi so this worked pretty well. You could vary it up by doing 2, 4, 800 or just 1-2-3, 400. Sometimes power skipping instead to drill.
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